Building a Next-gen Hub for Field Service Professionals

Building a Next-gen Hub for Field Service Professionals
Building a Next-gen Hub for Field Service Professionals

About the Project.

Building a small business in the field service industry is a challenging and often overwhelming experience. Entrepreneurs require an all-in-one tool for managing customers, jobs, billing, reporting, team allocation, yet often can’t commit to existing services due to pricing and adoption complexity. To address this, we partnered with a team at Service Raider, and together built a platform which provides a turnkey field service toolset with democratic pricing and extreme focus on simplicity of adoption.

Technology Stack.

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Field service business founders are always extremely overwhelmed. Indeed, ensuring customer satisfaction is more than a full-time job. However, a number of challenges await entrepreneurs on the back-end, where teams must manage billing, accounting, job scheduling, client relations and sales. 

Multiple startups have built field service software solutions designed to automate most of the aforementioned tasks. However, most of these companies tailor their offerings to larger organizations which have huge teams and large budgets. Aspiring entrepreneurs are often left forgotten.

Further, young companies often struggle to adopt existing solutions due to complicated functionality and an abundance of features which early-stage businesses don’t really need, yet keep being charged for. There must be a better way.


The Service Raider founders understood this problem first-hand, given their multi-year experience of running field service businesses. Together, our teams performed extensive customer research in the field and identified the core functionality required to enable small business owners on their path to growing field service businesses.

Based on these insights, our team has designed and built a platform with the following functionality:

  • Multi-tenant architecture;
  • Team management & SOC2-compliance;
  • Job scheduling and dispatch;
  • Dashboard and reporting;
  • Client management;
  • Multi-location businesses;
  • Stripe and QuickBooks integrations.
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Time to Launch.

12 months: from inception & customer research to a fully adopted MVP.

The Outcome.

As of the time of writing, Service Raider platform is in beta stage. The platform has been adopted into several early-stage service businesses in the United States and has already enabled several entrepreneurs to start new businesses. Service Raider currently handles more than 2,500 jobs per month. We continue our collaboration with Service Raider, work on a number of new features, engage in customer support and work on adopting Service Raider in new businesses.

Service Raider has been around for almost 4 years, and in that time, we’ve gone through 3 development teams and 3 iterations of the platform. Once we linked up with Universium, we not only stopped looking for a new dev team, we asked them to join us as a partner. Universium has taken our idea, and developed it into software that far exceeds what we envisioned. They have been the force multiplier that we knew we were missing, but couldn’t seem to find.
Ted Bullard
CEO & Founder, Service Raider

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