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Building the Future of B2B Events - Alex Reynolds

Today, I'm joined by Alex Reynolds, founder and CEO at Vendelux. Vendelux is a successful startup that helps event organizers and marketers maximize the ROI of organized events. I hope you enjoy our chat about Alex's story of building his startup and his experiences in consulting, negotiations, and building a great team.

Stephan Mazokha
November 13, 2023

From Musician to Getting Acquired by Google - Eric Davich

Are you using YouTube Music, or have you ever tried Google Play Music? Well, if you have, your experience has likely been impacted by my guest today – Eric Davich. Eric is a lifetime musician, long-time Google employee, and co-founder at Songza – a music streaming and recommendation service that has been funded by Amazon and later acquired by Google. I hope you will enjoy this podcast as I'm trying to discover Eric's lessons from running a startup, not being afraid to send cold emails and the stories about Jeff Bezos and Larry Page 😉

Stephan Mazokha
November 13, 2023

How to Build a Web Design Agency in 2023 - Max Sher

For today's podcast, I've had a chance to have a super insightful conversation with Max Sher - founder and CEO at Sher Agency. Max's team of 25 has helped design and build WordPress websites since 2019. We discuss his story of scaling the agency, best practices for finding leads, dealing with Upwork and Clutch, and growing his online presence on TikTok.

Stephan Mazokha
November 13, 2023

From NASCAR to Junk Removal Empire – Ted Bullard

Ted is a serial entrepreneur with more than two decades of experience in leadership, sales, and marketing. He started his career in franchising by selling wireless and telecom services in Boston.

Stephan Mazokha
November 13, 2023

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