Empowering Effective Tech Candidate Management

Empowering Effective Tech Candidate Management

About the Project.

Quantitative Systems (QS) is a very successful and experienced talent sourcing agency. Their team consistently succeeds at sourcing the best tech talent for large corporations and fast-growing companies.

Universium has partnered with QS to optimize their talent management and engagement operations. Together, we built a light, simple and effective internal solution for allowing company recruiters to manage job offerings, candidates and automate the process of opportunity exposure with their talent.

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In our day and age, talent is king. The times when job applicants were piling their resumes in the receptionist's office are over. Instead, modern specialists have more opportunities than ever, which means that companies have to fight for their attention. Recruiting companies understand this challenge more than anyone. Therefore, those looking for the best expertise must invent new ways to attract, excite and retain prospective candidates.


Being a veteran of the talent staffing industry, QS understood this challenge very well. The company leadership has come up with an effective and simple strategy and has partnered with Universium to bring engagement with their talent to the next level. 

Together, we have built a system internal to Quantitative Systems, QSpair. Having received operational insights from the QS team, we build a suite of features designed to simplify the day-to-day life of the company recruiters:

  • Team roles & management;
  • Job opportunity import & management;
  • Candidate management & engagement;
  • Automated processes for opportunity sharing & selection.
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Time to Launch.

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