Future of Research Collaboration in Academia

Future of Research Collaboration in Academia

About the Project.

In the university environment, finding the right students for sponsored research projects is a challenge. Universities need an automated and streamlined process of advertising research opportunities and matching candidates to research projects.

Through a partnership with the Division of Research at Florida Atlantic University, we built a platform that enables researchers to publish and market their research projects, and helps students to build their research career on-campus. Meet TeamSparX.

Technology Stack.

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In a university environment, searching for research opportunities is challenging. Often, students have to “knock on doors” of professors unknown to them to find out if positions are available for research. Similarly, professors struggle to promote newly available roles on research projects to the student body, since there is a lack of marketing instruments enabling advertisement of research projects to faculty and students.


To address this challenge, we built a research collaboration platform – TeamSparX. We collaborated closely with the leadership at Florida Atlantic University to implement their vision for streamlining the process of building research teams and helping students to find more exciting opportunities for undergraduate and graduate research.

Together, we conducted customer research across 53 U.S. universities, including Stanford and Harvard Medical School. Based on this feedback and analysis of available solutions on the market, we designed a product tailored to work in a large and multidisciplinary university environment. 

Our team designed, built and continues to maintain the platform functionality, designed to publish and advertise research opportunities on campus, streamline the process of reviewing project applicants and assist students with discovering best-fitting research opportunities. 

The current version of the system includes:

  • Searchable database of research projects;
  • Tools for project applicant management and communication (in-app chat);
  • Matching system to connect students with research projects based on their interests and skills;
  • Extensive administrative suite for managing projects, users and monitoring system performance, generating reports.
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Time to Launch.

6 months: from inception to start of intra-university marketing.


Over the span of two semesters (6 months) since our launch, over 2,000 students and researchers have signed up and populated their profiles. More than 90 research projects have been successfully staffed on the platform, which lead to the publication of more than 20 peer-reviewed articles, as of the time of writing. The project has also received an award from the university incubator, Tech Runway, during the early stages of its development.


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