Streamlining License Monitoring for Cisco Meraki Hardware at Uber

Streamlining License Monitoring for Cisco

About the Project.

As a large multinational corporation, Uber leverages a large fleet of Cisco networking hardware to enable its office infrastructure. However, a unique challenge becomes apparent at scale: timely license status monitoring becomes a tedious task, given the sheer magnitude of utilized inventory, and can lead to errors and potential system downtime due to untimely renewals.

As a result of a close collaboration with Cisco, an innovative startup – Boundless Digital – was able to identify a path to address this challenge and has partnered with Universium to convert their vision into an adopted solution at Uber.

Technology Stack.

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Network infrastructure for a large organization often comprises thousands of network devices. At Cisco, such equipment is maintained through a series of multi-year licenses that must be renewed for continued operability. However, while working closely with Cisco, Boundless has identified a number of challenges that caused friction in system upkeep:

  • Complicated math associated ongoing calculation of license-related costs;
  • Tedious process of license status tracking for network hardware, leading to engaging more human hours for upkeep;
  • Lack of a centralized portal enabling a singular license monitoring dashboard and forecasting of associated costs.


Our team has worked closely with Boundless Digital to understand and address the intricate requirements Cisco had for adopting the solution at Uber. As a result, we implemented the following solution:

  • A centralized white-labeled portal for Uber, designed to report costs and licenses statuses for all network hardware provided by Cisco;
  • Efficient processing of a large scale of data associated with upkeep of Cisco infrastructure;
  • Automated renewal alerts for Uber staff;
  • Streamlined transaction history and corresponding reports.

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Time to Launch.

2 months.


As of the time of writing, the Boundless portal has already been adopted at Uber for a few months. The effects of the new dashboard have already been identified: from positive feedback of Cisco and Uber internal teams, to significant reduction in friction to upkeep and upgrade network infrastructure in the company. Introduction of the brand new dashboard has also led Cisco Meraki and Boundless to several breakthroughs in new corporate partnerships and significantly reduced challenges of onboarding new large customers.


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